Nyadhi: Because We Got Pride

Nyadhi is a call to embrace self-acceptance, celebrate your uniqueness, acknowledge your boldness and find joy in your queerness.
In this space we will unload any shame associated with queerness and spark your soul with nyadhi (pride)
If you have ever been told that your queerness is shameful, and that you should hide it, I am here to remind you that it is not your shame to carry.
If you’re struggling with self acceptance as an LGBTIQ+ Kenyan I am here to show you how to radically love yourself.
If you’re trying to heal, I will provide a safe space for to cry and try to heal.
If you’re looking for community I will show you where to begin
If you want to celebrate your queerness I am here to cheer you on, and celebrate alongside you.
Chin up and be proud. You are magik!

Wan Gi Nyadhi