DUK – An Intimate Celebration of Your Body

Where do you store joy in your body? Is it in the soft of your hands, in the melanin on your skin, or in the rolls of your stomach?
Where do you hold when you need to feel tenderness?
How do you thank your feet for being strong enough to support you all day, or not?
Duk is an immersion into your body in its nudity and semi-nudity. It’s saying: yes, I have a scar on my foot and it is a part of me. It is saying: yes, I have stretchmarks from birthing a child. Whether the stretchmarks give you joy or not, whether the scar makes you beautiful or not, Duk asks you to find joy in your body. To smile with your cracked teeth to strip the thick thighs, to sit steady in your wheelchair and let out a laugh to twirl (or try to) in your crutches.
Duk is about body positivity and body neutrality.
If you’re looking for joy in your body, book your session here. We’ll talk, have some wine or beer, laugh and cry together, talk about how our bodies have changed. You can show me how you looked like as a child and those weird teenage years.
Most importantly you will experience your body through a photographer who promises to show you where joy resides in your body.